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Houston house buyers

“Houston is the American city of the future,” says Vancouver of Resonance Consultancy in their study of the city. There will not be a shortage of Houston house buyers given the reputation it has built up for itself as the number one job-creating city in the United States. According to TX Demographics, roughly 460,000 family household houses are in Houston and around 79,000 of them were sold in the first eleven months of 2019.

Littered with Nineteenth-century architecture, drama-loving and antiques-loving Houston house buyers might just approach you for the sale of your home in the area, it’s something we do when we buy houses Houston. With upscale restaurants around, Houston is becoming something of a breeding place for the next generation. 

Houston is not an obscure place for house buyers, and it does get its fair share of them too. For people who want to turn their houses to dollars, without engaging the MLS to do it for them, you have fair chances too of making your sales though we won’t guarantee you it would be a quick sale. 

Of course, studies show that it is quicker to turn a house over and fatten the accounts by listing, but also, sometimes, experts believe, selling your house without listing could also be rewarding. 

In 2017, a Zillow report found out that 36% of house owners attempted to sell their houses on their own but only 11% successfully did so, and that’s why we are delighted to write this article for you, to enlighten you on how to sell your real estate without listing, and yes, sell it!  Plus if you’ve never heard of the cash house buyer option before you’ll want to read until the end. 

Find Houston House Buyers Without Listing 

There are some other ways you can sell your house in the diverse city without listing and they are:

• Family and Friends

A family member or a friend could be in the market for a house. It would really be good business if you can get to see him or her put pen to paper, swipe the credit card, and take over your original sale contract. As a matter of fact, it’s always really good business if you can avoid listing and selling your house for good value to a family member or a friend could be profitable. Imagine cutting out all those percentages for agents and listing sites and gorging them down your pocket. 

• A Hot Market

Some houses are hot and some are hotter, that is a simple truth. For a house in Houston sitting on-site, maybe somewhere around places like Galveston Bay or Bel Air, you might just want to snub listings for the hassle of it and just wait at your doorpost. Truly, some houses receive offers normally and regularly. So, if your house is one of those, you might just leave off listing your house and wait for offers that must surely come. 

• Real Estate Wait Lists

You might decide to contact a real estate agent you trust and tell him or her that you have a house for sale. The Real estate agent will talk to one or two persons within his circle and off your house goes off the market. Real estate agents are highly skilled personnel in this aspect and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try that one out today. Or you might just try.. 

• Home Selling Sites

Of course, there’s practically nothing for which a solution cannot be found online these days, except some really specialized cases. 

There are several trusted online forums where one could go and let their houses off the hook, sites like Zillow, Nextdoor, Craigslist, could really help. 

• Amazon

Show your house on amazon, with about $15 you can get a lock box or with $75 multiple lock boxes. Then you can go on to show your houses.

Selling your house on your own, that is being an FSBO seller could really be Herculean and not so savory when it comes to preparation and time lapse, so these are tips that can help you make your ‘FSBO’s a better experience. 

Preparing to Sell Your Houston House Fast

1. Make sure all your papers are ready: Get your Original Sale Contract, Mortgage Statement, Home Owners’ insurance Records and everything else ready, you’ll not like to push away your prospects with the fact that they are not getting the full documents for the house they are buying. 

2. Make Some Research: Try to look at other houses, get online, meet agents to obtain a realistic value for your house, or you might just be confused not knowing what you are supposed to get from the sale of your house.

3. Get your house ready: You will not want to make the mistake of putting up a shabby property for sale, it could quite bring down the value of the house drastically. If there are any amendments to make here and there, do it. And get your house looking sellable.

4. Show your house: Facilitate the showing of your house. Snap pictures, let prospects walk around and into it. Get it online, tell your friends and make sure everyone that is supposed to know, knows that your house is for sale. This is a crucial step in selling your house. How well you do this part could really be a huge factor in how fast and how well you sell your house. 

5. Closing your sales: If you don’t trust yourself to do this part very well, you might decide to hire an escrow agent to do this for you. Some FSBOs are born negotiators but of course not all. Therefore, if you deem yourself not so fit in this all-important aspect, hire. 

Bottom Line

It is always a rewarding experience to sell your house on your own, though it could also be a very difficult task to achieve.

If you don’t want to go through all the stress, an alternative way to sell your house fast Houston is to sell it fast for cash to us at Preferred House Buyers. We offer ease, flexibility, and convenience, and with us, you get the chance to put more money in your pocket. Selling your house does not have to be an uphill task, simply sell it to us fast for cash and you’ll be blown away by how uncomplicated the whole process is. 

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