How to Sell An Inherited House Houston

So you need to sell an inherited house Houston? Many people hate selling their house because of the amount of work and time it is going to take. The real estate market is complicated and it is hard to figure out everything. Even the most prepared sellers deal with challenges in the process. The most … Continued

Sell Your Home During A Divorce Houston?

Do you want to sell your home during a divorce Houston? As cash home buyers we can help you achieve that. The real estate market is very confusing and it is hard to know the right way to do things. This is why selling a house is challenging. It is hard to know how the … Continued

How Can I Sell A Fire Damaged House Houston?

You most likely know the amount of work that goes into putting a house on the market. This is why people get stressed the moment they realize they have to sell their house. There are many challenges you have to deal with in the process. Some people have pulled their houses from the market because … Continued

Reasons You Should Sell Your House To Houston Cash Home Buyers.

Houston cash home buyers like ourselves at PHB can help you with the sale of your home in a variety of situations, many homeowners don’t consider or arent aware of Houston cash home buyers and you go straight to hiring a realtor. We explain why that is not always your best option. Are you looking … Continued