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We buy houses Pasadena and we know from experience Selling your Pasadena, TX house via a real estate agent isn’t for everyone. That’s why we are considered the best alternative to selling on your own and hiring an agent. We buy houses in Pasadena regardless of its location or type.

When you sell a Pasadena TX house to Preferred House Buyers (PHB), not only can you get cash in your pocket in a matter of days, but you also never have to:

•              Clean the property, make repairs, or spend a single dime on anything because we buy houses as-is. 

•              You don’t adhere to a contract that binds you in for potentially months or even a year, for that matter.

•              Deal with an agent! No longer do you have to manage all the hassles that come with having a real estate agent on board to sell a house in Pasadena.

•              Hope to sell quickly. There is a lot of uncertainty in today’s real estate market because there is no guarantee you’ll sell even after all that time and effort. But with us, we are guaranteed to buy.

We don’t waste your time. Our team knows pretty much right away if we want to make a cash offer for the home. PHB isn’t against agents, but instead, we’re considered a viable alternative to mainstream ways of selling a home. What’s more, our goal is to put cash in your pocket within 7-days! That’s why we will buy your house fast.

We are ready to buy your Pasadena, TX house… Call us today for a no-obligation quote.

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We buy houses in ANY CONDITION in Texas. There are no commissions or fees and no obligation whatsoever. Start below by giving us a bit of information about your property or call (713) 204-7838...
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Cash Home Buyers Pasadena – We Pay Cash for Houses in Pasadena

We buy houses in Pasadena

When you sell a home to Preferred House Buyers, you’re not only guaranteeing a sale but also saving yourself from what could be an enormous amount of work. Not just repairs and installation needed to sell the home but the paperwork it often entails. As real estate investors with years of experience and a dedicated team, we take on everything needed to get the sale through. We take care of the paperwork and even pay your closing costs.

What’s more, is the fact there is no pressure for you to sell. So, you choose when to sell after we’ve made a fair all-cash offer. That way, you are in control and can make a decision based on your circumstances. What’s more is that our offer and work save you from countless months of dealing with potential buyers, if you list the home independently.

When you choose to sell a home to us for cash, there is also no commission or extra cost associated with the sale. In other words, you get to keep 100% of what we give you. All, you have to do in most cases is sign a few papers when the time comes.

Sell My House Fast Pasadena – How Fast Is It?

We buy houses in Pasadena Texas

Many people who find themselves in the following situations may ask, “ how do I sell my house fast Pasadena?”

•              Facing possible foreclosure.

•              Want to relocate urgently from Pasadena, TX.

•              Can’t afford the high cost of repair associated with the property.

•              Facing a lot of liens that are making life difficult.

•              Need money for a divorce settlement.

•              Own a house that’s never or rarely been used.

•              Upside down on a mortgage.

•              Bad tenants making your life a nightmare.

•              You Need to Sell a condemned or even an uninhabitable house.

•              Any other reason which may probably be confidential.

Need To Sell My House Pasadena, TX?

PHB buys homes in Pasadena, TX, for cash regardless of your situation. No matter the condition of your property, and regardless of the price point, we will buy it from you. In fact, one of our goals is to help you get out of a challenging situation and will do everything possible to assist.

Over the years, we’ve helped countless people just like you sell their homes in Pasadena. We can help you too.

How to Sell Your House Fast In Pasadena, TX?

As mentioned earlier, you can sell a home to us in as few as just 7-days! That’s right, and sometimes we process homes sooner than that, contingent on everything going as planned. However, compared to selling a home to a traditional buyer, we don’t rely on banks and mortgage financing, which is why the transaction is quick and easy. What’s more, as investors, we use our own cash reserves, which makes it possible to put cash in your pocket.

The first step to selling your home in Pasadena is to start with getting an offer. You can click here to get an offer.

Get An Offer – The first step is getting an offer. However, please make sure to fill out our brief online with as much information as possible about the property. We then get back to you with an offer within 24 hours. We buy houses regardless of condition but you should clearly state the condition of the property.

You Decide – You get as much time as you need to decide. We make a fair cash offer, but that’s up to you to decide. It is only after you green-light the purchase that we will move forward.

We Meet Up – Once you decide to move forward, we will schedule to meet up with you at home to finalize everything.

We Give You Cash – Once the deal is done and the title is transferred over to us, we’ll give you cash right away!

At Preferred House Buyers (PHB), we don’t just buy houses in Pasadena, Texas, but are here to make your life easy. That’s why our team takes all the stress out of selling a home. We also assure you of quick payment and a fair offer!

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We buy houses in Pasadena, Tx and in many other parts of the state. We make a fair cash offer so that you can sell the Pasadena house without losing out on getting a decent amount of cash. Call us today or fill out our brief online form to sell your Pasadena house in the shortest time with the least hassle.

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