Sell My House Fast Pasadena For Cash

Sell My House Fast Pasadena

Sell my house fast Pasadena, What are the benefits to cash offers? Cash sales have become more popular in the housing market. Just two decades ago, both buyers and sellers used to deem cash sales as a red flag, but recently, they have become more common. Homeowners are realizing that they can quickly get rid of an old home and buyers are realizing the ease or simplicity that these transactions have to offer. 

On average, around 25% of all property sales in the United States today are made in cash and this number rises depending on the state of the market. 

Here Are Some Of The Reasons Many People “Sell My House Fast Pasadena” For Cash: 

1. More Flexibility

When you decide to sell to a cash buyer or investor like Preferred House Buyers, you have way more flexibility in regards to terms of the sale. An investor is not a family looking to settle into the house for the next few decades. If your property already has tenants, most investors will be willing to buy it without you having to evict the tenants. 

Our company usually buys properties that are being sold as a result of divorce, are inherited or near foreclosure. We are willing to work with you to get the price for the property with the least hassle and stress. If you have special circumstances, we have the flexibility that a normal house buyer just cannot offer. 

2. Sell Without the Hassle

One of the most overwhelming things about selling a home the traditional way is that the buyer has the power to ask you to make specific repairs or even ask for a lower price if you cannot make the necessary improvements. Most home sellers have to make at least several repairs, put on a fresh coat of paint and even have to move out so that real estate agents can show it to potential buyers. When you decide to sell fast for cash, you do not need to move out, make any repairs or even call professional cleaners. A cash house buyer like us is simply looking to buy your house as-is, and at your convenience. 

3. You Pick the Closing Date

When you sell your house to a conventional buyer, you don’t have much to say in regards to the closing date. Most standard sales take months to close as buyers need to get their funds and paperwork in order. Also, they put contingencies in place for when you need to relocate- usually when you are not ready. 

But what if you need to relocate as soon as possible? What if you need to sell fast, but need some time to relocate? When you sell to an investor like Preferred Cash House Buyers, you pick the closing date and set the terms. If you need to have the home sold and closed in just a week, we can make that happen. This is something that’s utterly impossible with a conventional home sale. 

4. No Commissions, Fees or Contingencies

Closing on property the conventional way costs a lot. You cannot count on the actual figure a buyer agrees to pay and also, you need to pay the real estate agent commission in addition to a closing fee. Also, traditional buyers tend to put in contingencies such as replacing the roof, renovations, a fresh coat of paint, etc. All these have to be handled before the sale is finalized. All these fees quickly add up, not to mention that these tasks take time. As such, it becomes stressful if you are looking to sell fast and don’t have the money to cover all these costs. 

With a cash house buyer, you don’t have to worry about any contingencies, fees, or commissions. 

5. Sale Security

Other than financial hurdles, there are many other reasons for a home sale to fall through. The buyer might find another house they like better, fail a mortgage approval or just plain change their minds. However, when dealing with cash house buyers or investors, the stakes are different. Most investors have varying goals compared to conventional buyers who simply want to ultimately move into the house. As such, the sale is less likely to fall through with a real estate investor. In fact, when looking to buy your house, we do so as-is. This assures you total security that the sale will go through. 

6. Freedom

At the end of the day, a cash home sale provides the freedom to move on from your house on your own terms and on your own time. If you’re looking for options to sell my house fast Pasadena for cash, we can help you do that promptly. Given there are no third parties involved, you can close fast at no additional costs on your end. 

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