Sell Your Tomball House Fast For Cash: 8 Things You Should Know

sell your Tomball house
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Everyday, people are going homeless and lots are depressed due to various problems ranging from divorces to foreclosures issues, bad loans and threats from the government due to unauthorized use of lands and property in Tomball. Fortunately, the real estate management business has brought smiles to a lot of people’s faces as they help them sell off their houses in exchange for dollars. But how do you sell your Tomball house fast for cash?

We buy Tomball houses for cash regularly, this is why Preferred House Buyers have taken it upon themselves to provide the basic knowledge you need for successfully selling your house in exchange for cash as soon as possible. 

Here are 8 most important facts you need to know before you sell your Tomball house.


There are different ways to sell your Tomball house which will earn you fast cash, and one of these is location. The location of your house matters a lot because the better the location, the higher your money. Vice versa. But with cash buyers, that does not matter, and that also will not reduce the price you intend to sell it.

After considering your location, you need to do a house check. What do you have to do to improve the outlook of your house? If you think you need some refurbishing and general renovation, You need not to worry about these as all will be done by the buyers.


There is something about properties that are handled by cash buyers. They are done best, and that’s just it. No, they do not  take 6% of the closing price, like a realtor, they pay you instead. That way, you’re able to gain extra dollars.

As cash buyers in Tomball, Preferred House Buyers specialize in helping you clear your debt in case of foreclosure issues, buy your mortgage and help you fix your fixer upper you don’t want to fix.

How do you find them? All you need to do is contact them online. Something like “sell your Tomball house” and there you have it. It’s more advisable to have your home sale done by a direct buyer, if you want fast cash within a short period of time.


Aside from the fact that they buy houses in spite of its condition, another good thing is that you don’t need to worry about how to fix mortgage issues or clear your bills and dues. Preferred House Buyers take care of all that without any hitch, also making your relocation easy and helping you to have extra cash for other things. 

As a direct buyer, they act as a middle man in the sales of your houses. Moreso, most times,  All you just need to do is provide all documents and every other necessary thing, including pictures of your home for them in case you want to contact us online.


Harness the internet by making your house visible online. You have to update your local listing marketing in order to increase your chances of getting potential customers and having fast dollars.

How do you go about this? By adding personalized clickable links to your description, uploading clean and clear pictures of your house, and including your phone number and email if necessary. This way, they can find you and be at your doorstep as soon as possible.


This is most important especially if you’re negotiating as a house owner with your buyer. It’s no competition when dealing with your buyer. You’re only trying to sell to them. So, you should be courteous and professional as possible.

Another thing to do is to follow up after negotiating and discussion. This is where most house owners get it wrong. Following up is just as important as negotiating. So, never underestimate the power of follow up. Let them know you are serious about your home sales.


Another good thing about having a direct buyer is  that they try as much as possible to check the market for current sales prices for you. Imagine not knowing about a sales swing in the market, you may end up over-pricing or under-pricing your property as FSBO.  Considering the fact that you may still have to pay your hired agent 6% after closing price, this may result in a loss for you. Hence, they help you avoid that.


If there is another thing that boost your home sale aside the above listed options, then it is depersonalizing and decluttering of your home. This cannot be overemphasized. This is to avoid whoever is moving into your new home seeing your things scattered all around. So, remove all personal belongings and declutter your garage, and you are on your way to top dollars.


Organising all proper and relevant documents, sorting out bank loans, taxes, government and utilities bills together with no foreclosures issues increases your chances of selling fast to at least 50% and that’s why we do all of these on your behalf with you out of the picture.

Moreso, you need to put a word out to your neighbors, friends and colleagues who could help you contact us faster, in case you cannot get access to the Internet to find us in your area.

Also, make sure that your energy performance certificate (EPC) is valid and up to date, that is the only thing required of you.

Final Thought.

Direct buyers are more like problem solvers for the distressed and depressed. They act as the solution for the divorced and people having mortgage issues with little or no financial capabilities. People relocating and foreclosures inclusive.

Selling your Tomball house is no hat-trick, but following the proper procedures and engaging cash buyers is sure the best way you can sell your Tomball house fast. So, be on the lookout for them and make yourself happy forever.

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