Houston House Buyers: Why Isn’t My House Selling

House Buyers Houston: Why Isn’t My House Selling 

Houston House Buyers

As Houston House Buyers, we know If you’ve ever tried to sell a house before, you are aware of how arduous and drawn-out the process can be.  There are many things that need to be done and done right to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible. Many house sellers are usually left frustrated and even in tears after their house sale doesn’t go as expected. On average, it takes 6 months to sell a house the traditional way. (Note it can be sold in 7 days with Houston house buyers) This includes about 3 months of prepping the house, and another two to three months to find a buyer. But, in some cases, it can take even longer. If your house has been sitting on the market for months, showing after showing, without selling, you might be wondering what might be wrong with it and understandably worried that it may never sell. However, you need not lose hope as cash home buyers Houston based PHB is a quick and hassle-free method of selling your house despite its current condition.

Here at Preferred House Buyers, LLC, we are professional and reputable Houston House Buyers and we are ready to buy your house right now. We provide house sellers in Houston and surrounding areas with a quick, straightforward, cost-free, and hassle-free way of selling their house. What’s more, we buy houses ‘as-is’ meaning that we will buy your house in whichever condition it is – no need for repairs. We will give you a fair all-cash offer on your house within 24 hours. 

With that being said, here are some of the key reasons why you might be struggling to sell your house. 

i) Pricing It Too High

One of the main factors that cause a property to sit on the market for a long time without selling is overpricing. It is common for homeowners to become emotionally attached and feel proud of their property. This can cause them to place a value that far exceeds the actual market value of their property. Many potential home buyers will steer away from homes that they feel are overpriced. Thus, it is important to do some proper research beforehand and seek expert advice before settling on a price for your home. 

ii) Too Much Customization and Personalization

When looking to sell a home, you need to put yourself in the shoes of the buyers. They are looking for a space that they can turn into their own. It can be offputting when your house feels too much like someone else. What appeals to you may not appeal to others. Thus, you should avoid making unnecessary customizations and just leave it to the buyer. 

iii) Hiring the Wrong Agent

The type of real estate agent you choose can have a huge impact on how fast your house sells and if you actually benefit from the sale. A good real estate agent will have pricing expertise, great marketing skills, good communication skills, impeccable negotiation skills, will be available on-demand, and will have your best interests at heart. Hiring an inexperienced agent can seriously hurt the sale of your property.  

iv) Failing to Make Necessary Repairs

When selling a house the traditional way, you need to ensure that your house is in a good condition to sell. This means doing all the required repairs and improvements. Nowadays, most buyers require that a house be inspected by a professional before closing the sale. When your house has many glaring issues, it will deter potential buyers from investing in that property. 

However, if you don’t have the finances or time to deal with these issues, Houston house buyers offer the perfect solution. As earlier mentioned, we will buy your home in whichever condition it is in. 

v) Poor Quality Photos

When marketing your home online, having quality high definition photos is crucial. The photos need to present your home in the best light and showcase its best features. It is also important to ensure that you take photos of all important rooms and areas of the home. When the buyers only see certain parts, they can assume that the seller is hiding something. So you need to pay special attention to the photos. 

vi) Poor Marketing

Nowadays, everything has gone digital. Before purchasing anything, including properties, the vast majority of people will first do their research online. If you are stuck in the old ways you will surely lose out. Thus, you should ensure that your property should be listed on all popular property sites. 

v) Failing to Sell to Houston House Buyers

Selling to cash house buyers is quickly becoming the most preferred way of selling a house. This is because it offers a quick, stress-free, and cost-free alternative to selling through a realtor. In addition, you don’t have to worry about making repairs. 

There are many downsides to selling through a realtor, and all these factors can hurt the sale of your home. However, to avoid all these, consider selling to a professional Houston house buyers company. Give us a call today at  (713) 204-7838 to get started.

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