How Hard Is It To Sell A House In A Flood Zone

Selling a property is hard, but selling a property in a flood zone can be even harder. These properties are located in areas that the Federal Emergency Management Agency(FEMA) considers at risk because of flooding. If you have a property located in a flood zone, there’s a high chance that the property will be flooded within three decades according to FEMA

Due to climate change, the flood has increased significantly even in areas with no history of flooding. Homes that have never experienced flooding are beginning to experience while houses with a history of flooding are being affected more and more.


How Hard Is It To Sell A House In A Flood Zone

Selling a house with a high risk of flooding comes with its challenges and problems. But in this article, you’ll learn how to sell a house in a flood zone. Read on:

How To Sell A Property In A Flood Zone

Although selling a property in a flood zone can be difficult, that doesn’t mean you cannot sell it. Below are some of the top methods you can use to sell a house in a flood zone:

  • Reduced insurance costs for a year:

As a seller, you can show your customers that you care by offering them a reduced insurance cost for a year from the price they ought to pay for the house. Through this act, they can be able to buy your property and prepare funds to take care of the next year’s flood insurance premium bill.

  • Prove to the buyers the risk is minimal:

As a seller, if you’ve not had any reason to complain about flooding in the last year, you can use that to assure your buyers that the risk is minimal. Assure them by getting a report from the CLUE to show your buyers. 

  • Make the required improvements

Before selling your property, you’ll want to improve the property so that it’s somewhat elevated outside the floodplain. You can use pilings; although the process is long and stressful, it’s worth the stress at the end. Your buyers will be able to trust you and believe that they won’t be so affected if the flood eventually comes. 

  • Challenge the flood zone designation. 

If you think that FEMA shouldn’t categorize your home as high risk, then you can appeal to FEMA to remove the designation from your home. This process may take up to 60 days, so you have to ensure you do this before the actual sale process. 

How Hard Is It To Sell A House In A Flood Zone 2


Selling a house in a flood zone is indeed difficult. You’ll hardly see any buyer buy a house in a flood zone comfortably. Though it’s hard to come across an interested buyer, you can easily sell to a cash house buyer. A cash house buyer buys your home in any location, shape, and condition. A cash house buyer does not care if your house is located in a flood zone, they’ll offer the best price for your home and close the sale immediately.

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