How To Sell A House With Water In Crawl Space

Selling your house with water in the crawl space can be challenging but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to sell your house. 

Water in the basement or crawl space can affect the resale value of your house. Not only that, water in the basement affects the house foundation which makes it unsafe for you, the owner, and any potential buyer. And before you sell, you must inform the buyer of the condition of your basement otherwise, it can lead to a lawsuit if the buyer eventually finds out. 

How do you sell your house with water in the crawl space? Continue reading to learn more:

How To Sell A House With Water In Crawl Space

Here’s how you can sell your house even with water in the crawl space:

  • Consider full disclosure during the sale

You could proceed with the sale of your house provided you offer the buyer a full disclosure of the water in your basement. Water in the crawl space is a critical problem that poses a threat to the entire building. It reduces the value of your home which is why the least you can do is give the few interested buyers a full disclosure. 

You could get a good amount for your house depending on the buyer, however, make sure you disclose the water on the crawl space to the buyer to avoid legal trouble. Don’t assume you cannot sell your house in this condition as there are many buyers out there looking for affordable houses. 

  • Direct water away from the house

You could deal with the water in the crawl space issue by redirecting the water outside of the basement. Most times, the water in the basement is caused by snow thawing or runoff from rainwater. You could resolve this by ensuring water goes out of your basement. 

  • Waterproof your basement fully

If you plan to respond to the water in your crawl space issue completely, then you should try waterproofing your crawl space fully. A watertight basement increases the value of the house and attracts more buyers. Although waterproofing your basement is costly, it’s worth the price. 

If you want the waterproof solution to last long, consider installing a liner within your basement. Consider using appropriate liners such as coating or silicate dealers. Ensure the interior liner you use is waterproof. 

  • Consider real estate buyers

If you’ve considered all other options and they don’t work, you can consider selling to a real estate buyer. These people are known as cash house buyers and they buy houses as-is. 

Cash house buyers make the best offer for your house and make payment as soon as you accept the offer. The water in your crawl space doesn’t deter them as they’ll take full responsibility for the renovations and repairs in your house. A home-buying company is your best option when you’re surrounded by options that don’t work. 

How To Sell A House With Water In Crawl Space 2


Selling your house to a cash home buyer is an ideal option when you have water in your crawl space. By selling to a cash house buyer, you don’t have to worry about the basement issue, or how to find interested buyers. A cash house buyer will buy your home as-is regardless of the size, shape, or condition. 

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