We Buy Houses in Pasadena

We Buy Houses in Pasadena: Why You’re Better Off Working with a Cash Home Buyer

We Buy Houses In Pasadena

Whether it’s your first time or have done it a thousand times, selling a house can be stressful and somewhat overwhelming. With the average homeowner expected to purchase about three homes in their lifetime, there is always a likelihood of selling a house at one point in time.
For most homeowners looking to sell their houses, an inevitable question is usually how long the house sale is going to take. A recent report by the National Association of Realtors indicated that the typical US home will stay on the market for about 24 days. Further, it takes about 46 days to close on a purchase money loan. The sale process can easily take well over 70 days, from listing to closing.
Such a long time on the market is far from ideal, especially if you wish to move into your new home fast. In such a case, working with a cash home buyer maybe your best bet. At Preferred Home Buyers, we buy houses in Pasadena and can help expedite your house sale in any situation.

Working with a Pasadena Cash Home Buyer: What Is the Process Like?

Regardless of the intent behind their house purchases, a common trait among cash home buyers is that they don’t rely on lender financing to purchase a house. Typically, these investors will purchase your house off-market, meaning that you receive an offer with fewer contingencies.
After evaluating the offer and accepting it, the cash home buyer will arrange a home inspection. Since your cash home buyer doesn’t rely on a loan to purchase your house, you can close at a time of your liking. By working with cash home buyers like Preferred Home Buyers, here are other benefits you’re likely to enjoy if you’re looking to get your house off your hands within a short period of time.

Fast Closing with Minimal Fall-Through Rate
Besides closing on the sale fast, house sales through cash home buyers have the lowest fall-through rates. In fact, unless you fall into the trap of an unscrupulous cash buyer, these sales will almost always go through. That way, you can be sure that you receive the cash offered by the home buyer.
If you are in a time crunch and wish to move to your new house fast, we buy houses in Pasadena and can help you get the sale over the line. We guarantee a short and concise process to ensure that you get time for other activities you may need to attend to.

Less Hassle
The traditional process of selling a house is characterized by lengthy procedures that often involve signing tons of paperwork. Besides, homeowners are required to go through processes such as listing, prepping the house for showings, and appraisals. While you could have the help of an agent, you would still be required to find time for such processes.
With cash home buyers, all of these processes are off the table. All you have to do is review the offer made by the home buyer, sign the purchase contract, probably identify any special requirements, and finally close on the sale.

Minimal Fees
Cash home sales will most likely not have the fees that come with conventional house sales. With agents, homeowners have to part with about 6% of the money made from the sale to cover real estate agent commission. If you are selling your house through the conventional process, you should also be ready to meet other costs like:
· Prepping and staging fees
· Inspections and renovations (which may vary)
· Closing fees, which are typically 1-3% of the total sale. These fees will cover other smaller fees like title fees, transfer taxes, reconveyance fee, escrow fees, and prorated property taxes.
· Overlap costs, usually 1-2% of the sale price
· Seller concessions, typically 2-6%

Cash homebuyers help do away with these costs, which could help you save hundreds or several thousand dollars that could come in handy when moving out.

Easier Process of Moving Out
With an expedited house sale, you have enough time to move into your new home. Selling your house to a cash home buyer like Preferred Home Buyers is particularly helpful if you need to move on short notice. This is especially the case for individuals who land jobs in other states or those who’ve found their dream house and need to secure it quickly.

Less Stringent Standards for Your Property’s State
Another common trait among cash home buyers is that they are usually ready to take your house in its current condition. Your house doesn’t have to be in good shape for you to make a sale, which saves you significant amounts of money that would have been spent on repairs and renovations. What’s more, you’re spared the hassle of such tedious activities.

If you need to sell your house fast and are looking for a local cash home buyer, we buy houses in Pasadena and can guarantee a short, smooth house sale process. Fill out our online form to get a fair cash offer today.

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